The Nextplan approach to Personal Insurance is based on identifying the risks that you and your family would be placed in if something goes wrong.

Be it short or long term illness, inability to work and provide for your family, or your business, and unfortunately, untimely death.

We spend so much of our time trying to create wealth, so let’s make sure we protect it.

Your Nextplan adviser will design a Personal Insurance program that suits your Life Stages, and protects you when you most need it, and reduces over time in line with levels of personal debt, so you can maximise your retirement plans.

Most importantly, should you ever need to make a claim on your Personal Insurance policy, your Nextplan adviser should be your first point of contact, so they can help walk you through this process.

During what is usually a most difficult time, your Nextplan adviser will not only support you with understanding and empathy, but will work with you, your family and the insurer to facilitate the assessment of your claim and, if appropriate, the payment of your full entitlement.


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