At your first meeting, your Nextplan Adviser will engage you in a meaningful, open and honest discussion around your goals and objectives. From here we can establish the course of action that best meets those goals and objectives.
When it comes to Investments, one of the tools that we use to help facilitate this course is to complete what is called a Risk Profile – that is, we ask a series of questions around your attitude to Risk.

 However, often your goals  lie “at odds” with your risk profile. So, should we redefine your goals or redefine your risk profile?
You need to understand the realistic benefits of choosing an investment, as well as the consequences in doing so.
Your profile might naturally be conservative, however your goals require a more aggressive position to achieve growth, which is one of your goals.
Your Nextplan adviser will explain in detail the best way of approaching these issues,  so that you are informed and comfortable along the financial journey.