At Nextplan Financial we offer professional advisers a base from which they can provide a superior level of service to their clients, based on a true belief in best interest, and an underlying history of the client always coming first.

This is one of the reasons why we are owned by our Adviser Group – there is no bank or institutional ownership, or thinking that applies here. Neither is there a product requirement anywhere within Nextplan – the product list works around what suits the client.

Nextplan Financial Advisers provide assistance to thousands of clients across Australia by having open and honest discussions.

From here, client objectives are realised and decisions are made, and strategies put in place as to how best meet these objectives.

Nextplan clients rightly expect a superior level of service when it comes to solutions in financial planning, and this is why Nextplan financial advisers are all fully qualified, and have significant tenure in the financial services industry, often crossing accounting, finance and risk management sectors.

Most people have a desire to achieve success in all aspects of their lives, but in the ever changing world, how does one manage to keep “all the balls in the air”?

That’s where your Nextplan adviser comes in – to sort out the financial complexities, by providing well considered advice based on knowledge, experience and having a full understanding of the client objectives, to build individually tailored solutions that work for you.