In meeting your goals and objectives, we have to overlay a context of time, to ensure what you are capable of, and what you need, is balanced.

We can address these issues, generally, across four Life Stages.

Just Starting: During this time, you have access to disposable income. You’re working hard and establishing your career / business and starting to earn a good income. But often spending outweighs saving. Unfortunately for many, the credit card can often get in the way of plans. Now is the time to make some sound financial decisions that could really set yourself up.

Families: This is the time when you have no time. Work, kids, friends and bills. The juggling act never stops! The decisions you make now help you create, protect and enjoy your life, without unnecessary worries.

Mature Families: This is when you should be eliminating all debt and starting to spread your wings – as the kids have just done, and left you on your own. Let’s concentrate on that trip, the new car, adding your own contributions into super, and using tax friendly salary sacrifice to boost retirement savings. Now you have some time and income to enjoy your new lifestyle.

Pre Retiree / Retirees: This is the period when you are leading into your retirement. So many of your decisions will be focussed on what you have achieved during the previous three life stages – and unfortunately, there’s often not enough time to make amends. However, there are many options available, and it’s never too late for good advice.